Elizabeth Klein



As a coach I’m presently-minded, future-focused, and positively candid. This means while listening deeply to your past and current experiences, I help you stay focused on the ways that will move you closer to the future you want. My job as a coach is to also provide the feedback that may help you move out of a limiting space. This means we may sometimes uncover a reality that makes you uncomfortable — that’s where the potential for real growth can happen, and I’m here to create and hold the space that will let that happen safely for you.

Working together, we’ll build the skills, mindset and confidence that will have you leading yourself (and others) with purpose and integrity.

Coaching is not…

Therapy or counselling — which I may recommend if I see behaviours that indicate you’re living with past events or trauma that need to be resolved.

Coaching is also not consulting. In other words, you’re the expert in your life and business, and I’m here to help you uncover the solutions based on your expertise.

What I am an expert in is guided and productive thinking that will help you develop a strategy and plan that’s right for you — made by you.


The first step is for us to meet during your complimentary consultation. It’s during this time that you and I will determine if we’re a good fit - vital to a successful coaching partnership.

If your decision is to move forward with me as your coach, then I’ll ask you to complete the intake form and complete a coaching agreement.

For partnerships of three of more sessions I often recommend that you also complete the EQi 2.0 assessment. The EQi 2.0 helps you create a personal development strategy that starts from where you’re currently at in the areas of self-perception and overall emotional intelligence.

During your intake session (separate from your coaching sessions) we’ll dig a little deeper into what you want to accomplish and start working on your development plan.

During each coaching session you will:

  1. Decide on a goal for that session

  2. Reflect on past efforts and refine where necessary

  3. Revisit your core values to ensure continued alignment

  4. Explore new ideas and perspectives

  5. Remove barriers

  6. Identify and plan your next steps

My job throughout the process will always be to listen, challenge, and support you as you develop a clear vision, and move closer to your goals.

Please note that sessions are conducted remotely via phone or video-conference. In-person sessions may be available proximity permitting.

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Core-Centric Coaching Model  Before developing your strategy, we’ll uncover what’s important to you so that your values, decisions and actions align.