Elizabeth Klein


Coaching for leaders and professionals. Be the leader people follow. Develop the confidence to go after what you want. Build mutually satisfying relationships. Communicate clearly and effectively. Free Consultation. EQi 2.0 and 360 Certified.


I Believe in…


When we do, we unleash their potential to grow and build the confidence they need to thrive.


The ones we hold on to about ourselves, others, and our circumstances.


When we do, we live and work in integrity while leading a life of purpose and meaning.

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Coaching Partnerships

Coaching partnerships based on some common personal & professional development themes.

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Learn @ Work

Create a workplace culture of learning with guided workshops on EQ, communication skills, and leadership effectiveness.

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Your life and professional growth with a strategy and a plan.

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Kind Words

“Liz’s greatest attributes are her ability to listen and assess without judgment. Her calming demeanour creates harmony and enables the people she speaks with to feel comfortable and safe.”

Dr. Michael C. Doody Ed.D, Director of Human Resources

“Dedicated, fun, and insightful, Liz transforms seemingly unapproachable content into compelling learning experiences. She is my go-to gal for creative solutions and learning wisdom."

Kate Tremills, Author & Creative Director

“Liz offers an objective perspective and approach. This objectivity allows individuals to remain free from judgement; she provides a safe haven for the coachee.”

Meike Krug MA, CEC, PCC, Conversations with Intention

“Thank you for your incredible guidance. It was eye-opening. Your professionalism and patience, but most specifically your guidance was highly motivating.”

Nelia De Sousa, Consultant

“Liz had just two coaching sessions with my manager and I noticed an immediate positive difference in her self awareness and communication skills while managing our employees. I highly recommend sending key players and anyone who supervises or manages people to work with Liz to support in their personal development and leadership skills!”

Kati Jensen, Director

"Working with Liz has been amazing in many ways. I'm glad to have reached out to her; she has great attention to detail and was very professional during our sessions.”

Bedir Ozdemir GM, Pera Education