Elizabeth Klein

ABOUT ME (for just a minute)

Professionally Speaking

With a background in adult education and leadership, the highlight of my career has been and continues to be helping people learn and grow (personally and professionally). And, I believe real growth isn't always comfortable — as a matter of fact, the more discomfort you’re willing to experience (temporarily) the greater the growth.

As an instructor and leader of talent development, curiosity helped me discover what was important to those I led — creating safe spaces for my team to express concerns and fears, and to explore solutions free of judgment. Honesty on the other hand, helped me share my observations candidly and in the spirit of progress and growth.

As a coach, instructor, and leadership consultant curiosity and honesty remain my go-to strategies.

While working within my own practice, I also partner as a facilitator and coach with the incredible team of ViRTUS Inc. — helping leaders develop the emotional intelligence and leadership skills they need to be the leader people want to follow. I’m a mentor with Dress for Success Vancouver — an organization committed to supporting and empowering women to be financially independent in the face of challenging circumstances, and also teach future coaches at Rhodes Wellness College.

On a Personal Note

I know what it feels like to be stuck, burnt out, overwhelmed, and quite simply done.

I understand what it feels like to suddenly realize you’re living, working, partnering, and leading out of integrity with your values and life goals.

But, I also know what it feels like to emerge on the other side — weightless and empowering.

It was 2015 when I experienced my own desire for personal growth, and during a period of deep reflection and self-examination I determined that various aspects of my life were painfully out of alignment. With newfound clarity I began the work of realigning each of these aspects beginning with my career. First, I founded eKlein Learning Design Inc. — a business that would allow me to do what I love: create meaningful learning experiences, and coach professionals to develop the skills they need to succeed, lead, and ultimately love what they do. Later, I tackled the elements of my personal life that were also spiralling out of control — after many difficult conversations with loved ones, new boundaries set, and accepting that I could no longer please everyone, I finally started on a life path that now feels so incredibly right to travel on — even when facing the inevitable ups and downs of the human experience.

Lastly (and most importantly), I’m a mom to two children who teach me every day. Their honesty and clear perspective remind me how as grown-ups we often over-complicate our circumstances. And the challenge alone, of being a mom who’s trying to get the parenting thing “right” offers me lessons (sometimes really hard ones) every day.

If you’re ready to create your bravest most meaningful life and career, contact me for a free consultation.