Elizabeth Klein


The partnership themes below are based on some of the most common challenges people reach out to me for.

I’m available however, for other coaching and goal planning support.

Be the Leader People Follow

Every great leader has at least two things in common — they never stop learning, and they lead from within.

In this coaching partnership we’ll leverage your leadership strengths to uncover and develop the ones you may not know you already have!

Believe You Can Do It

While the absence of confidence can help motivate you to learn more and try harder, its persistence can be limiting.

If the lack of confidence is stopping you from reaching for what you want, then it’s time to do something about it.

Communicate to Connect

Trust is at the core of every healthy personal and professional relationship, and great communication skills help build that trust.

In this coaching partnership we’ll explore what gets in your way of communicating effectively and building trust, while working with and developing your personal communication style.

Love What You Do

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Remember when the answer to that question felt limitless? For some of us, it got harder as we got older.

If you’re still searching for the right answer or considering a career change, coaching helps.

Coaching Partnerships Include

One Hour Intake Session

EQi 2.0 Workplace Assessment Report*

Support & Accountability Check-ins

30-minute Wrap-up Session


Transparency is one of my core values, and why I publish my rates. If affordability is a concern, please reach out and we’ll work out a payment plan together.


Three-month Partnership

Three coaching hours with the option to schedule six 30-minute sessions.

$525.00 (plus GST)

Six-month Partnership

Six coaching hours with the option to schedule twelve 30-minute sessions.

$995.00 (plus GST)

Extended Partnership

For continued support after a three or six month partnership.

$145.00 (plus GST) per session

* For an EQi 2.0 Leadership Report please add $35.00 to the fees listed above.

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“What partnership should I choose, Liz?”

Let’s chat about this during your free consultation.

In the meantime, here are a few questions to think about…

How long has this challenge been affecting you?

To what degree has it impacted your life and career?

What’s the impact you wish to make?